Thursday, October 8, 2009


The inaugural event of CarbFest '09 ended up being CupcakeCamp. I heard about it just before the deadline and picked a random recipe idea out of my head -- chocolate cupcakes with mocha buttercream frosting. If I'd realized how creative many of the other bakers were, I'd have held out for a better idea, but as it was the cupcakes I made were taaaasty.

I used the recipe here (requires subcription) for the cupcakes and here for the buttercream.

The buttercream was a bit slow to set up, probably because of the MASSIVE AMOUNT OF BUTTER in it (THREE cubes!) but the CupcakeCampers didn't seem to mind. There were easily
over 700 people there -- I overheard an organizer tell one of the people at the door that they'd sold 625 tickets, and this was only an hour in. And they had my coworkers beat in terms of locustlike voraciousness.

Speaking of which, what do you do when you have twice as much buttercream as you can use? Well, first you have a few spoonfulls, feel vaguely ill, and realize you need to find a way to get the leftovers out of the house. But THEN what do you do?

Why, you bake another batch of cupcakes to go under the buttercream and take them to work, of course.

Sample quote from coworkers: "What is this CupcakeCamp and how can we get you to do it more often?"

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